Mum, 32, ‘off her face’ on drugs forgot about school run when caught during burglary

A mum who forgot about the school run while out burgling a home “off her face” on drugs has been told to clear up her act or face jail.

During the chaotic incident drunk Yasmin Maulgue, 32, stole a woman’s handbag from the home on November 6 after believing the property was hers.

Following an altercation with the homeowner, Maulgue slipped as she tried to escape and fell into a neighbour’s garden before attempting to launch a wheelie bin.

But Maulgue toppled backwards and laid on the ground with the contents of the bin on top of her until she was arrested by police, Hull Live reports.

She was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary after suffering an overdose and when she woke up the next morning she realised she had forgotten about the afternoon school run.

Hull Crown Court heard on November 6, at around 2.50pm, a woman living at an address in Hull came downstairs to find her handbag had been taken from the banister and that her front door was open.

Along with her son, she went out in her car looking for the person who may have stolen her bag.

But she didn’t realise that the burglar was still in her home with her daughter and step-daughter.

“She was away for two-and-a-half minutes before she came back and her daughter said a woman was in their kitchen,” said prosecutor Richard Butters.

“The defendant was in the kitchen holding a green bank card belonging to the complainant. She was frightened and didn’t dare approach the defendant.

“She demanded the card back but the defendant kept on saying it was hers. Maulgue approached the victim and was holding the card towards her face.”

The victim managed to grab the bank card out of Maulgue’s hand before heading to the front door to call for help.

Maulgue tried to take the card back but was stopped by the victim and her 13-year-old step-daughter.

The court heard she was so drunk she ‘fell over into a fence and landed in the garden next door.’

After picking up a blue wheelie bin to throw at the woman she instead toppled backwards and the contents fell on top of her.

Judge Mark Bury said: “You laid there comatose until the police arrived.”

Police arrived at 3pm and took Maulgue to Clough Road Police Station before escorting her to Hull Royal Infirmary two hours later due to a suspected drug induced episode.

When she woke up the following day, Maulgue realised she had completely forgotten about the school run.

“She was interviewed and made admissions that she was under the influence of various drugs at the time of this offending,” said Mr Butters.

Maulgue appeared at Hull Crown Court after admitting burglary and was also sentenced for failing to supply a sample to police after she was caught driving under the influence a week later.

During that incident she crashed into two others in a Tesco car park, the court heard, and ‘must have been under the influence of drugs’, said Judge Mark Bury.

“This burglary is plainly unpleasant,” said Julia Baggs mitigating for Maulgue. “It is also unplanned and completely unsophisticated.

“Understandably, she could not give any explanation for her actions and she says she thought it was her own home. She is deeply remorseful for her actions.”

In a letter to the court, Maulgue said: “I am truly sorry for what I have put her family through. I sincerely apologise to them.

“I didn’t mean to cause anyone any emotional harm.”

Ms Baggs revealed to the court that Maulgue, who has 26 convictions for 51 offences on her record, had a history of drug problems and “stumbled” during lockdown.

Judge Bury told Maulgue that he would see her again on September 16 after deciding to defer her sentence for six months.