Great Pyrenees Puppy and Wild Elk Cross Paths in Colorado and Share Sweet Smooch

“It was magical,” Lauren Sturges said of watching her 5-month-old dog get a kiss from an elk

Two animal worlds recently collided in Loveland, Colorado.

According to the Loveland Reporter-Herald, on March 15, Lauren Sturges noticed a line of cars stopped on the road near her property and figured the area’s resident wild elks were crossing the road.

Wanting to get a closer look, the woman went towards the road with her dog, a 5-month-old Great Pyrenees named Winston. After trudging through the snow to reach a fence near her property, Sturges spotted a group of roughly 50 elks who just finished crossing the street.

The elks didn’t seem too interested in Sturges, but they were enamored with her puppy. The woman told the Reporter-Herald that two different elks approached Winston and kissed the canine on the nose.

“I was almost in tears, it was so beautiful,” Sturges told the outlet of the moment, part of which she captured on camera.

In her footage, a member of the elk herd approaches Winston, who sits on the other side of a fence. The animals take turns sniffing each other, eventually touching noses in the video, and then end the adorable interaction with a little kiss.

Sturges said that she kept an eye on Winston and the elk throughout the entire interaction to ensure that neither creature got aggressive with one another.

“It was magical,” she said of the entire interaction.